Catching Up Once More

Once more I am afraid I’ve become complacent about posting updates here to my blog. I can only apologize and move forward.

I did have about two months out of the loop in February and most of March from some gawd-awful crud that was going around then. While I could play guitar between coughing jags, singing was simply out of the question.

Despite that, I managed to pull myself together and answer the call on short notice to play for three hours at The Cork and Bottle in New Smyrna Beach one Saturday evening during Bikeweek. The following Saturday, I played for two hours at The Sleeping Moon Cafe in Winter Park.

I was pretty wiped out after the New Smyrna gig, but thanks to the Hall’s Honey-Lemon “magic singing pills” or Cough Drops, I got through it.

The Sleeping Moon Cafe gig went better as I was recovering, finally.

The “Big Deal” was opening for Rob Lytle at Villa ConRoy on Sunday, March 29th. I was fully recovered at that point and had a great set. It was great to be back on my game. This is the gig that I missed back in August of last year when I was hospitalized for four days with digestive tract infection and I’m very grateful to the folks at Central Florida Folk for the second chance.

Now I am preparing for the upcoming 2015 Barberville Spring Frolic. I play the Church on Saturday at 4:00PM and the Schoolhouse on Sunday at 10:30AM.

I am also scheduled to play at the Sleeping Moon Cafe again on Saturday, May 30, the weekend after Memorial Day, the Florida Folk Festival, etc.

Brett Cammack
South Daytona, FL

Barberville Fall Country Jamboree 2014

It was a terrific festival the first weekend in November, despite the cold winds that kept the temps low on Saturday.  We started out simply volunteering, but as the days passed and the event drew nearer, a few performance slots opened up as acts had to cancel or otherwise alter their commitments.

By the time the weeked arrived, I had an afternoon slot on Saturday on the Sugar Cane stage and a Sunday morning on the Family stage.  This was in addition to my emcee obligations Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon on the Depot stage (the only stage with sound reinforcement).

November 1, 2014 - Saturday

Here I am, wearing “texting gloves” during that frigid Saturday set. There was a fierce wind gusting from behind me from stage left to right. I was quite hoarse after the set as I was practically shouting so people could hear me. The wind took most of the sound diagonally so that anyone seated in the first two or three rows on the right could hear me fine. Everyone else had to lean forward to do so.

At one point, the wind nearly blew my hat off my head!

November 2, 2014 - Sunday
I dressed more warmly on Sunday, and played the very first set of the morning at the Family stage in front of the Schoolhouse. While turnout was good for the festival both days, at 10:00AM on Sunday morning, the audience for most of my set was my wife, Carole. A few folks paused as they passed by and listened for a while before moving on.

Finally, during the penultimate song, a few couples sat down, there for the next act, no doubt, and seemed to enjoy my closing song, John Stewart’s “July, You’re A Woman”.

It’s was definitely worthwhile and I am grateful for the opportunity. Doing the emcee work was a hoot and I enjoyed it a lot, too. I don’t get many chances to channel my inner Don Pardo/Gary Owens/Thurl Ravenscroft and it is fun when I get to do so.

Good News!

I have received another opportunity to perform as the opening act at the Central Florida Folk monthly house concert at Villa ConRoy in the College Park neighborhood in Orlando! I will be performing there the end of March 2015.

Brett Cammack
386 843-3063

Weekend #1 Recap

It was a magnificient fall weekend here in Central Florida. We drove out to Mount Dora in the early afternoon on Saturday to the Renninger’s Flea Market & Antique Mall on Hwy 441, a fifty-six mile drive through the more rural areas thereabouts.

They’ve built a large, well-made stage between the two halves of the operation. Constructed of telephone poles, predominantly, I imagine it will last a good, long time. It looks out over what seems to be about one and a half football fields of grass and picnic tables.

The sound system was terrific and well run by “Big Al” Kalka. I had an enjoyable hour-long set. I appreciate the opportunity. Thanks Al!

On Sunday, we loaded up and drove down to the College Park neighborhood of Orlando to Villa ConRoy on the shore of Little Lake Ivanhoe. Charlie Robertson opened for Friction Farm at the monthly Central Florida Folk house concert. The music was excellent and we enjoyed meeting some new friends.

Next weekend, November 1st and 2nd, is the Barberville Fall Country Jamboree at the Barberville Pioneer Settlement. I will be performing a set both days. Saturday at the Sugar Cane stage at 12:30PM and Sunday at the Family stage at 10:00AM. Come one out and join us!!

Brett Cammack
South Daytona, FL

Monthly Update

Palatka gig
We had a great time in Palatka, Florida the other weekend, helping out the Palatka Arts Council at their fundraiser, performing at the behest of Lee Kelly. He and MaryLou also kept us overnight at their home. I think we are going to be good friends for quite a long time.

New Gig Alert
There was a last minute performer cancellation and I have been given a couple sets at the 2014 Barberville Fall Country Jamboree. I’ll be playing for 25 minutes at the Sugar Cane stage starting at 12:30PM on Saturday afternoon, November 1st, and on the Family stage starting at 10:00AM on Sunday, November 2nd.

I will also be performing emcee duties Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon at the Depot stage. I’m looking forward to this.

Mt. Dora Reminder
I will be playing a fundraiser in Mt. Dora on Saturday, October 25th at 3:00PM. It takes place at Renninger’s Flea Market and Antique Market. Check the Upcoming Performances widget on the upper-right corner of any page for dates, times, and directions.

Hope to see you at one or both performances!

2014 Labor Day Crash and Burn

As I write this I am convalescing after spending the better part of the first week of September in Florida Hospital in Ormond Beach.

The evening before my big opportunity to open for Maja Gitana at the monthly Central Florida Folk house concert in Orlando at Villa ConRoy, I was stricken with an ugly viral infection of my intestinal tract that left me utterly incapacitated.

Despite my best efforts to overcome it, I finally had to make the dreaded telephone call and tell them there was no way I could honor my commitment to perform.

Things were so bad by Tuesday morning that my wife chauffered me to the Emergency Room where they quickly admitted me.

I’m home now and trying to get my energy back up. Tomorrow starts a new week.

I apoligize to my fans and friends who might’ve made the trip to Villa ConRoy only to find my not there. I take some consolation that at least you were treated to a fantastic show by Maja Gitana. Apologies as well to Sigi Nagys, Barry Brogan, and Roy and Connie Brand for standing you up on such short notice. It was utterly unavoidable and beyond my control, but it still isn’t my style to not honor a commitment.


Brett Cammack

Playing in Palatka

I’ve just added some new shows to the schedule. I will be playing in Palatka, Florida on Saturday, September 20th and Sunday, September 21st.

The Palatka Arts Council is having their annual fundraiser, called “Tilly’s Attick” at 324 River Street, overlooking the park, just south of Hwy 100 on the west side of the river. There will be artists booths, food vendors, and collectibles for sale.

My friend Lee Kelly is presenting the entertainment for the event and has invited me to play a few sets over the weekend. We’ll be on the front porch of the old two-story home the sits back from the street, facing the river.

I played this last year (with a headcold) and had a good time. I’m looking forward to playing in good voice this year.


Brett Cammack

Keeping My Promise: An Update

A step or two forward and maybe one or two back so far.

It’s unlikely at this point that I’ll be playing at the Lake County Folk Festival in mid-October (11th and 12th). Rejection is never pleasant, but there are just so many wonderfully talented and skillful performers out there that have so many years of experience that it would be unreasonable to have every application accepted.

“Paying your dues”, is what they call it, I believe.

Barberville’s Fall festival is still a question mark. More qualified applicants than available slots, again, but there is still a slight possibility there. I’ll find out sometime later.

However, I did get asked, quite unexpectedly, to be the opening act at the house concert August 31st at Villa ConRoy in College Park, Orlando, FL. Their opening act cancelled and they asked if I was available. Well, ah, by coincidence I just so happen to be attending that very concert, running the sound system! :) The main act is Maja Gitana from St. Augustine, Florida and they are a delight to watch.

Check out my show calendar widget on the sidebar to the right of the page for location and time information on this and my other shows that are forthcoming.

I must admit, I feel pretty good about my music career right now, starting so late in life and all that.


Brett Cammack

Catching Up…Again

I have been remiss in keeping up with events here on the website.

I played the Barberville Spring Frolic the last weekend in March. My first *real* folk festival performances. To repeat a comment I made about a photo of me there with my “Performer” name tag, “I’m going to be buried wearing that tag.” :)

Saturday, July 12th I will be performing around 1:00PM at The Farm in Brooksville, FL about 125 highway miles from Rancho Cammack. It is a benefit show for some good friends trying to deal with some unexpected medical bills.

I have applied to be a performer at the Lake County Folk Festival in Eustis, FL which occurs October 11th and 12th in downtown Eustis.

I have also applied to be a performer at the Barberville Fall Jamboree, which occurs November 1st and 2nd at the Barberville Pioneer Settlement in Barberville, FL.

I will update the site here and add those to my Reverbnation show calendar (the thing that feeds that little map on the right margin) to include the dates and times if I happen to get selected for those upcoming festivals.

I will also be playing at The Art of Everything festival the last Saturday in October at Renninger’s Flea Market and Antique Mall in Mount Dora, FL.

When my friend, Mike Whinnery returns to the area after his annual pilgrimage to Ohio, we are going to see what we can work up for live performances. I applied to both festivals as “Brett Cammack & Friends” with Mike in mind. I’m a much stronger singer than I am a guitar player and I think that collaborating with someone as experienced as a musician and as a performer will not only improve my opportunities to book performances, but will also improve my guitar playing abilities faster than if I go it alone.

That’s about it for right now. I’m pondering songwriting, but I don’t know if I actually inherited that particular gene from anybody. Tomorrow is the July 4 and we’re looking forward to spending the afternoon with some friends at their annual holiday jam.

I hope everyone has (or had) a safe and happy Independence Day celebration. I promise to update this site more often. I promise! :)


Brett Cammack