Getting ready for the Florida Folk Festival

This coming Memorial Day Weekend in White Springs, Florida will be the 60th occurence of this festival and Carole and I are fortunate enough to have been selected to work as volunteers this year.

So, with a borrowed tent, a nice Coleman queen-size air mattress, and assorted odd bits of cookware, lights, and such, we are preparing for up to four nights in the campground with the performers and volunteers. Not having camped out for nigh on to forty years now, I do approach this with some trepidation. Currently the only missing piece of the puzzle is a large ice chest. I’ve put the word out to borrow one and there’s still two full weeks to go before the festival, so I’m hopeful about having one when the time comes.

While I am happy to have the opportunity to make a contribution of time and energy to help organization put this festival on (the demands aren’t really very onerous), I am so looking forward to jamming with some of the finest folk musician in the southeast.

If you’re planning to attend, keep an eye out for me or that gorgeous, leggy redhead I’m married to and say, “Hello”! I’ll be glad to meet you.


Brett Cammack
South Daytona, FL

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