My First Gig

Live from the Osteen Diner!

It was a busy 4th of July weekend with my very first, formal solo gig going off without a hitch on Saturday, July 2nd.

The infamous “Redneck Fishman” homemade PA that has been chronicled here in past posts performed flawlessly and managed to impress some folks with both it’s volume and clarity.

I was grateful to have so many of my friends make the 30+ mile trip down Hwy 415 from the Daytona area to Osteen. A full seventeen of my friends filled the dining room

The new Mitchell MD100S was clearly beautiful to see and a delight to play. I had no anxiety issues at all during the show. I think that having a good portion of the audience comprised of friends and playing in a familiar space had considerably beneficial effect in that regard.

It was a terrific evening and I’m looking forward to my next opportunity to perform this music that I love.

Carole and I had a terrific time on Sunday playing at Joe and Katie Waller’s home during their annual 4th of July weekend party. We got to meet a bunch of terrific people and I got to share a couple songs.

Monday, the 4th, we attended Mara Silies garden party and watched the Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach fireworks from the banks of the Halifax river near her home.

All in all, a good, albeit busy weekend!

Brett Cammack
South Daytona, FL

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